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Jolt-Sensor About

Jolt Sensor was created not too long ago. Way back in the year 2014, the JS Technology invented the Jolt Sensor with a mission to create a great purpose for many people. We are all aware of the risks and health threats of sports to people and because of that, many people in our group wanted to do something to avoid more injuries in the future. Our group focused on one thing out of many risks and injuries that athletes may have, and JS Technology was more than engrossed in head injuries since these types of injuries are lethal and dangerous. We took the opportunity to make an item with the help of science and technology so we could start this project that will help many people.

The Jolt Sensor was for athletes who are most likely to have injuries on the head such as football. This sport is risky and may damage a person’s head and brain if they get hit. However, with the Jolt Sensor, the hit and impact could be recognized immediately and determine possibilities impacts. With this sensor’s help, athletes will be able to take their head injury seriously and have it checked as soon as possible since we can now know if it’s more dangerous.

For years, the Jolt Sensor has been used by many athletes and made them train smarter, lessen the chance of athletes’ late recognition to their risks and injuries. We felt glad to know that we were able to create such item through technology and bring a good thing to all athletes out there. We unite with schools, training centers, and organizations to make our technology known and be more useful to others. All we want is to know that we are able to help people with our creation and ensure the prevention of dangerous injuries in the future.