Q. Hi, I am very fond of this item and I know that your company does partnerships with a lot of schools and groups. However, I want to ask if you do sell these items for the athletes who need it since not all can partner with your company.

A. Hello, thank you so much for sending us your message. We would love to say that yes, our item is available on our website and anyone who needs it is capable of buying anytime they want. The JS Technology was able to put the item in the store since we know how much it is needed by many people.

Q. How does JS Technology do partnerships with schools and training centers?

A. Hi, thank you for sending your question to us. The JS Technology looks for schools that are interested in trying out our items. We focus mainly on schools that have sports programs and sports teams that needs our items. JS Tech does the same on training centers though it can be done the other way round. Schools and training centers may be the one to reach out to us and we are more than happy to partner with them.

Q. How do I use Jolt Sensor?

A. Hello, thank you for sending us a great question. The Jolt Sensor is a thin device and is almost just like a clip so using it will be as easy as wearing a band around your head. Just secure the Jolt Sensor around your headpieces such as headbands, helmets, and other things you use while playing sports. Make sure it is clipped not too tight nor too loose so it would be comfortable.

Q. Do you sell it worldwide?
A. Hello, thank you for sending a question. Yes, we do sell the Jolt Sensor worldwide!