Most Common Injuries Acquired by Athletes

They may seem invulnerable but athletes are human too. They also acquire illnesses and physical damages, like an incorrectly installed resistors in series, that often affect how they work in the field oftentimes. Even if they undergo training there are times when they still go through mishaps that even cause them their career depending on how worse the scenario is. This is the reason why they, of all the people, they have their own set of teams to take care of them as they go. There are many common injuries an athlete acquires over the years of performance in the field and here we discussed some of them for your reference.

Have you already heard about the ACL Tear? Perhaps this is the most common among basketball players, football, and related sports where there is a need to change direction after reducing your speed as you come from one place to another. You may have heard about this already as something your favorite basketball player has. This is when the ACL or the anterior cruciate ligament, the major stabilizing ligament of the knee tears or strains. This can be devastating if it is in the worse case and often needs to undergo surgery to be properly fixed. There are times when surgery is not needed. But even if this is the case, recovery time and physical therapy are needed to send the patient back to its original good condition.

If you are fond of American football, then once or twice you have probably witnessed already players piling up over one another for the prolate spheroid shaped football. The end injury of this can be a concussion even if they are wearing a helmet as part of their uniform. This is inevitable especially if the impact jars or shakes the brain. A concussion is basically an injury in the brain that needs to be properly seen by an athletic trainer or a physician. Otherwise, it can cause the victim so suffer from fatalities. A victim of concussion can exhibit symptoms such as dizziness, headache, temporary blindness, sensitivity to light, slurred speech, and even nausea. It is important that these symptoms are not taken lightly because they can result in far bigger problems in the future.

Golf Elbow is an injury on the forearm. This is common among athletes whose sports involve a lot of gripping. It may be a result of over usage of the above-mentioned body part which later n result to extreme swelling of the tendons of the forearm. It is important that the affected area should be applied with a cold compress to reduce the swelling to reduce the pain any wrist and hand movement may cause. There are anti-inflammatory medicines on this. But it is required for a professional athlete to be seen by the right physician for this problem to be addressed thoroughly.

There are many more injuries athletes suffer from on a regular basis which involves other body parts such as shoulders, knees, groin, shin, hip, etc. The point is if one suffers from this, this should not be ignored athlete or not. For one to get back to its perfect condition, they should go through a correct process and should be properly seen by a professional physician. Otherwise, it is possible that it can just get worse over time.