head injuries lightly

Do not take any head injuries lightly

It is never easy to be an athlete especially when there are so many risks that impacts a person’s health, safety, time, strength, and a lot of things. Sports require many things and effort so people who take the path and career of being an athlete needs determination and will. As someone who has been involved in sports and an aspiring athlete, it has been so hard to keep myself from injuries. This is the reason why sometimes, I need to take a break, rest for a while, and even stop playing for weeks
However, I know there are a lot of athletes out there who have suffered worse than I have. My friend, for example, is a jock and he plays football in school ever since we were in high school. In college, of course, he made sure to be a part of the football team and play for our University. However, one time, when he was in a practice game, his head got hit when he was tackled to the ground. He did not take it seriously since he was used to hitting his head but little did he know that this injury was different and that taking it lightly was dangerous. It happened to me when I was still in high school. When we had our garage door fixed by A1 Garage Door in Milwaukee, I often spend time in that place to practice since I find it wide and especially when dad’s away with our car. One day, the ball I threw bounced back and hit me on the head though I didn’t want to make it a big deal, my father was there and saw what happened. They took me to a doctor immediately and had my head checked.

The doctor was relieved to know that I was brought to the hospital as soon as possible. He told us that there are many cases similar to mine, like my friend, which result to head injures that people oftentimes don’t take seriously. This doctor said that if we didn’t come to the hospital as soon as possible, the injury might have gotten worse in the future. It was better to take these types of things seriously especially when we know the risks of being an athlete. My friend’s injury got worse and though he was still in the process of recovery and treatments, we are more than happy to know that he could still play if he will recover. However, if ever he experiences the same thing again, he must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Thankfully, our University gives us Jolt Sensor after a few incidents like that. A company that creates these items partnered with our school to provide us these amazing sensors. It was able to make us aware of the impacts on our heads when playing sports and so, it gives us more ways to be careful and be aware of the risks. I wanted to share this since I’m very sure there are many people like us who take head injuries lightly especially in sports. You definitely must be more careful and take care of yourselves.