Amy V.

The Jolt Sensor is a really good equipment when playing sports. It’s small, it’s lightweight, and is very comfortable to use around my headband. It’s hard to avoid injuries to the head so the risks of injuries getting worse when we do not know how bad it is, is actually the worst. But now, thanks to JS Tech for creating such masterpiece and making people play sports with the awareness of head injuries. Keep up the good work!

Dean K.

I love this item so much as much as my friends love it. We play football all the time so we can’t avoid getting hit on the head with a ball or getting our head hit on people and even on the ground. These risks have been with us since our first time playing this sport, however, the risk of not recognizing a severe head injury has lessened because of Jolt Sensor. It has kept me from ignoring even just the slightest head bumps. I’ve been aware when my head has been hit mildly or hard and I could always be prepared to go see a doctor if ever I need to.

Trey P.

I’ve always been an athlete ever since I was in high school. I love doing sports and keeping myself active all the time. However, I’ve been used to ignoring slight or mild injuries on the head since I haven’t really experienced serious head injury before. But that was a wrong habit of mine. Last year, I got a head injury while playing for our school but I didn’t take it seriously. After a month, I felt my head hurt more and I always feel dizzy even though I’m not sick. When I came to see a doctor, he told me it was due to an impact I got and that it was wrong to keep it unchecked. Thankfully, it was not too late to treat my head and I found out about Jolt Sensor soon after my treatments. It was really useful to keep me aware of my state and it’s such a great item.